Happy Year of the Cow!

Happy year of the cow! Drawing some fun New Years cards to send to for the new year. Goodbye to 2020, ya rat.

Cannabis Kids Book about Bullying

I wanted to show this art from my cannabis kids book about bullying. It’s still early, but I have some art and most of the story fleshed out. This is just something I’m working on in my spare time for fun and am not even sure it’s something people would be interested in. I came […]

Guy Fieri Shows up to The Surfin’ Burrito

This was a fun project that involved me heading to sunny Cancun, Mexico. It ended with Cory, the owner of the Surfin’ Burrito, having the one and only Guy Fieri¬†show up to do an episode of his show featuring the restaurant. The job was to help with a new way of branding The Surfin’ Burrito’s […]