Guy Fieri Shows up to The Surfin’ Burrito

Guy Fieri and Cory McKay

This was a fun project that involved me heading to sunny Cancun, Mexico. It ended with Cory, the owner of the Surfin’ Burrito, having the one and only Guy Fieri¬†show up to do an episode of his show featuring the restaurant.

The job was to help with a new way of branding The Surfin’ Burrito’s popular donkey mascot. We started off brainstorming a few potential t-shirt and character ideas.Surfin Burrito Early Sketches

This kind of throwing ideas at the wall not only brings up a lot of potential new ideas, but its also a lot of fun! From there, we focus on what the client wants first. In this case, it was the mascot and one solid design.

Once we have a strong idea of the direction of the character, I’ll draw some final pencils and created the final art. I used Adobe Illustrator to do the final inking. Then colored with it as well.

The initial rush was to get a T-shirt printed quickly to be ready for Guy Fieri and his popular cooking show Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives! Check it out yourself! It’s Season 26, Episode 6.

Do you have a project that’s in a rush? I can definitely work when crunched for time and offer reliable quality work. Give me a chance and we can make some amazing work like this together.

Check out my portfolio for more artwork and be sure to email me at any time if you have any questions!

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