Happy Year of the Cow!

year of the cow

Happy year of the cow!

Drawing some fun New Years cards to send to for the new year. Goodbye to 2020, ya rat.

Home Grow Mushroom Kit Packaging

home grow mushroom kit packaging

I just finished this fun project for a home grow mushroom kit.

I’ve been getting a lot more mushroom related gigs lately. Like cannabis in Canada, magic mushrooms seem well on their way towards legalization in Canada for medicinal purposes.

What I enjoyed most about this project was making the background pattern. There’s a new feature in Photoshop that makes pattern making a lot more fun.

Do you have a project like this and need help with branding? Check out my portfolio page¬† to see what’s possible or contact me here!

Cannabis Kids Book about Bullying

Cannabis Kids Book

I wanted to show this art from my cannabis kids book about bullying. It’s still early, but I have some art and most of the story fleshed out.

This is just something I’m working on in my spare time for fun and am not even sure it’s something people would be interested in. I came up with it when thinking of how many people misunderstand cannabis and demonize it still. What if cannabis was Cannabis– an actual person? More specifically a young student in school with many other “leaflettes”.

This is a story about little Cannabis overcoming great obstacles both outside and inside her class.

It’s a cannabis kids book, but I think lots of adults would enjoy it too. I hope it can be a way for parents to show their kids that cannabis doesn’t have to be a bad thing and that they’re not bad for using it.

Feel free to message me is you have any questions about this anytime! Please check my portfolio page for my other work too. Or reach me on twitter.


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